Five Ways To Improve Your Websites Performance.

Five Ways To Improve Your Websites Performance.

So, how do you go about increasing the performance of your website? There are five ways.

1. Create effective landing pages

An effective landing page is a page designed to obtain the site visitors or traffic generated by way of a particular marketing campaign. TechTiq Solution is the best services provider company in UK hire ci developer. The job of a landing web page is to convert that site visitors or traffic into action, such as call sign up purchases or a download. T

Let’s say you are Macy’s and bringing People to your website as the outcomes or result of an ad for designer handbags. The thing Macy’s could do is direct the visitor to their website homepage. A far more powerful approach through to salse is to direct the visitor to a page that has nothing but designer handbags. Believe of it as taking out the middleman.

Provide value added content

To message unique on the Web site it is critical that you provide information that serves the ought of your target audience

For example,
if you are selling electronics product consider the product took whatever, and provide content that educates the visitor on the features, ease of use and specifications. This kind of information develop your brand, trust builds & you makes people want to do business with you.

Provide calls to action

One of the biggest mistake businesses make online is to disregard to provide visitors the tools to take your next step, whether it’s making a purchase order or requesting more information. If you need them to buy, give them a large “buy now” button. Whatever action you desire out of your traveler, make certain that's easy for them to take that action.

2. Improving your message

To increase visitors into customers or clients, TechTiq Solution is the best services web design london you need to deliver your company central messages or details clear, fastly and convincingly. The important job of a website main page is to deploy your middle message & after then create pathways to the internal landing pages that best serve the needs of the visitors or client.

The best example of this is the homepage. They use large fonts and brief copy and provide clear paths to the appropriate internal pages.
3. Give your visitors a reason to come back

The great accomplishment to get a visitor to come to your website. TechTiq Solutions is best web destining wordpress developers london  UK. It is even more important to get them to come back for future the will visit your site.

Why? according to studies show visitors to your website are may be converted on the first visit.

The key to getting repeat visitors is to give them compelling reasons to return. Some of the things I see on successful sites include:

User-generated content

Newsletters and RSS feeds

Practical articles

A regularly updated blog or another content driven portion of your site.

4. Make better use of social media

Here Very few companies have a clue as to how to use social media effectively on a company website.

Just putting a bunch of icons like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn on the top of your website is good, but is mostly ineffective as the vast majority of users don’t click on them. So how do you use social media as a business generating tool?

The key is to integrate these platforms with compelling content on your site. Custom web development london TechTiq Solutions Provides hundred percent satisfaction result to client If you provide interesting articles relating to your business, articles that visitors will really be interested in sharing, then give your visitors the opportunity to share that content through a variety of social media platforms.

5. Measure and monitor your results

Google analytics answers some of the extremely important questions for a site owner:

How much time are they spending on your site?

What is the last page they visit before leaving your site?

What is your bounce rate?

What is your conversion rate?

What kind of traffic are you getting? Where is it coming from?

What impression or CTR?

Mostly the biggest majority of business owners they have no clue as to how to answer these questions.

When you fail to monitor the behavior of the visitors to your website, you miss a huge opportunity to make the same kinds of adjustments that would increase your business.

The good news is that this kind of information is not only readily available it is free with services like Google Analytics, and some tools also available in the market It is quickly installed and will immediately provide the kind of data and insights that will help you grow your business.


Your website could be and should be your single greatest marketing and sales tool. By some basic principles, you best enhance the performance of your website.

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