How does Link Juice Works?

How does Link Juice Works?

What is Link Juice?

The Link juice is an important term in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world that refers to the Internal or External links from the other website or webpage to our website or web page grow your business using a digital channels with Laravel development link juice is one of the main SEO factors because it helps the website to gain better Page Rank.

We can gain links to our website in many ways through direct or indirect.

Direct link building strategy includes Directory submission, Document sharing, Press release submissions, Social media promotions and Guest blogging or commenting etc. Design your website with php developers london While Indirect link building strategy refers to Info-graphics or presenting best content.

The links that you receive from both Direct and Indirect method is known as the link juice. The quality of the link juice varies depending upon the authority of the website or webpage that links to your site.

How do the link juice works?

For example, here are two sites, Google and Yahoo. Google has one link and Yahoo has no links so Google will page rank high due to the link juice it receives.

Link juice through happens in both ways. Website linking to Google also links to several sites. But websites linking to Yahoo only links in Yahoo. That case link juice percentage received from Yahoo is more than that of Google. This might increase the Yahoo rankings.

Page Rank Sculpting:

Page Rank Sculpting is used to reserve the loss of link juice in the case of Nofollow attribute.
you must read regards The Importance of Internal Link Building. High Page Rank sculpting was conceivable when a webmaster added a nofollow attribute to one of the external links, which important that the link juice will not exchange to the page that is followed but another will be appropriated to different links. 

The effectiveness of Link juice:

1. If the page that links to your site has the content relevant to your site.

2. The web page that has high page rank.

3. The web page that has high-quality content or unique content.

4. A Web page that is popular among Social Media sites.

Ineffectiveness of Link Juice:

1. The web page that has irrelevant content.

2. Links from a web page that have no page ranks.

3. Link Farming.

Link Farming:

The Process of exchanging reciprocal links into a website is known as Link Farming. This is about the link juice in Search Engine Optimization. It is a Black-hat technique in SEO.

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