How to Write the Perfect Website Specification

When regards to building a new website, hire PHP developers it's anything but difficult to bounce straightforward in without arranging precisely what you need. Not exclusively does this making the site more troublesome for your designers, it likewise can cause hindrances en route when highlights aren't precisely how you envisioned.

Assembling a point by point particular can spare you a considerable measure of time sometime later. We've laid out some key components to kick you off when composing the determination for your new website.

Tell Us About Yourselves

At whatever point we begin another undertaking, we generally begin by adopting more about your company. By becoming more acquainted with your organization, our  PHP development London or web designer can make an impeccable outline which precisely reflects your organization and your qualities. Having knowledge in your everyday business will likewise make it workable for our web developer to propose inventive highlights to significantly enhance your business.

What to include:

  • What products/services you provide
  • Your company values
  • Stand out qualities/key selling points
  • How your team will use the website

Your Audience 

There are particular qualities of your group of audience, it's extremely useful to know from the begin. Knowing points of interest like age range gender most utilized gadget, shopping propensities and so on can enable us to recommend and make includes inside your new site focused on straightforwardly to your crowd. Little unpretentious changes can have the effect between your intended interest group cherishing your site or picking a contender.

What to include:

  • Your target audience's age, gender, and location
  • Information about your audience's device habits
  • Any known browsing habits or patterns


Our web designer group are specialists in making web development to coordinate a company, so on the off chance that you don't have a correct plan as a primary concern don't stress. Before beginning your new site, it's useful to investigate your rivals' sites and make note of any plan viewpoints and highlights that you both do and don't care for.

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  • Any websites you particularly like
  • Any websites you don't like
  • Existing branding, colors, logos

Highlights of Features

In spite of the fact that many site stages and content management frameworks accompany numerous highlights included naturally, a considerable measure of highlights should be worked by our group. With the goal that it's unmistakable what you will require from your new site, we'd inform sending over a full rundown concerning highlights. Your web engineer would then be able to tell you what is accessible naturally and what should be custom assembled.


By knowing your primary goals for the site, we'll have the capacity to completely comprehend what feature you'll require keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your objective. Looking for Web Development We'll additionally have the capacity to propose and give broad approaches to track and dissect your information to perceive how well your site is performing in light of your objectives.

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What to include:

  • What will be the main use of the website
  • Any targets you've set for the website
  • How the website will fit into your overall company/team goals

Budget & Timescale

Although a few clients are careful while giving a budget plan, we recommend sending a harsh spending budget and timescale with your site particular. Giving a budget plan and timescale will permit our business group to assemble a reasonable arrangement which will fit your particular, while likewise remaining inside your budget plan and timescale requirements.

What to include:

  • Dates for when you'd like a beta version and live version to be ready
  • A rough budget for the project
  • Which features are more of a priority than others

Get started

Ready to get started with your new website? Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to look over your website specification, give advice and suggestions, and provide you with a no-obligation quote

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