Looking to do Some PHP Development in London or UK?

Our PHP expertise:

At TechTIQ Solutions, we began utilising PHP in 2004 when this innovation initially developed. We've seen the ascent and fall of different hire php developers structures and worked with the greater part of them.

Experience with PHP frameworks:

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • Zend Framework 2
  • Phalcon
  • Yii
  • Aura

Our experience with content management systems (CMS):

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

This includes creating customizations, writing plugins and modules and modifying the core.

Database solutions for PHP applications.

The majority of our project utilize MySQL yet we have worked with PostgreSQL, MongoDB too.

Applications are normally facilitated on AWS or Google Cloud.

Our senior php developer london designers have contended various complex sites and administrations utilising PHP. These incorporate corporate sites, web-based business arrangements, entries, business corroboration programming and Software as a Service.

We are searching for testing ventures that are most appropriate to a little and devoted group of senior designers.

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Why TechTIQ Solutions?

  • We are relationship driven technologists. 
  • Numerous web developers require a spec, we require a dream. 
  • We utilise agile, iterative approach. 
  • Just senior designers will deal with your undertaking.
  • We have 9 years of experience in building PHP applications. 
  • We are a full cycle organisation and specialises in PHP. 
  • Our specialized mastery is supplemented by incredible visual depiction and computerized promoting skills

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Should you develop your web application in PHP?

PHP is an open source solution

The widely perceived advantages of open source software incorporate the accessibility of source code, wide help networks, and existing code libraries. Numerous little and medium-sized web applications are assembled utilizing open source programming, PHP, and MySQL. The most compelling motivation is basic; they can drastically lessen your improvement and long-haul support costs. you can get more detailed from here Advantages of PHP Website Applications Development

Complex sites and entrances regularly utilize PHP content administration frameworks. Those frameworks depend on MySQL as a database.

Some examples include:

  • WordPress – began as a blogging stage, yet now is a completely included Website CMS, with a large number of accessible modules and boundless potential outcomes. 
  • Joomla – an outstanding CMS that is utilized by a great many sites. 
  • Magento – a mainstream and regarded internet business stage that is likewise kept running on PHP and 
  • MySQL. 
  • Drupal – a stage that is most appropriate for building gateways and networks.

What is LAMP stack?

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and provides a web development platform that uses the only open-source software.

The LAMP Stack includes:

  • A Linux based web server
  • An Apache web server
  • A MySQL Database
  • A PHP programming platform

PHP Security

Security is of important significance to any electronic application, including PHP applications. This is particularly valid in the event that you store some kind of business-delicate information or your customer's points of interest.

Open source arrangements have a tendency to experience the ill effects of entrepreneurial assaults more than different Laravel development frameworks. Since their code is open anybody can investigate the codebase and endeavor to locate an indirect access.

For surely understood arrangements, updates and fixes are issued pretty much instantly in light of security objections. It is vital to refresh them frequently. Upkeep of PHP sites is basic, so you have to make a progressing association with your PHP engineer.

PHP Frameworks and Components 

Utilising PHP systems and parts can help web developer by helping them to make clear, steady code that conforms to the most recent models. This enhances security and execution, while likewise making the way toward refreshing the application considerably less demanding for PHP developers.

PHP Web Application Performance

PHP is known for quick execution even on respectably indicated equipment. At the point when your PHP site or web application fails to perform because of countless numerous businessmen will reveal to you that it is a decent issue to have. We would propose that it is just a decent issue on the off chance that you know how to settle it.

Many PHP website projects are worked by website architecture organizations with exceptionally constrained specialized abilities. The site can look great and be usable, however with regards to great design, security, and adaptability it can come up short. You may need to locate a more specialized supplier who has better thoughts regarding execution tuning.

We are knowledgeable about outlining high load applications and in execution tuning of PHP web applications.

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