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PHP vs Node.JS is nothing but an indirect battle between PHP developer London and JavaScript who once upon a time, collaborated with each other for a happy development of web applications. JavaScript handled the browser details through its expertise, whereas had a role of a giant in managing all the server side tasks from HTTP to MySQL, everything. The combo of JavaScript and PHP survived because none of them intruded into each others space.

But now the things have changed drastically since the birth of Node.JS! Node.JS have captured the very existence of PHP by giving an alternative to the IT world in its own way. And the peaceful co-existence has now turned into a competitive world of web development. Now the IT Companies have an option to either choose of the twos; PHP Developer and Node.JS Developer. Which of these two shall survive?

How it all happened?

It all happened when a wise man from California, USA named Ryan Dahl (in his early 30s) while working for a company named Jovent, thought that why could not he use JavaScript on the server side? And why does he have to use PHP for the same? 

The brainy mind of Ryan then found the solution for this conundrum. He invented a platform named Node.JS which could do what PHP does, and all of sudden PHP had a replacement for a considerable part of the World of Web Development. He discovered that JavaScript can be programmed to run on the server side. Suddenly, there was hardly any need to use PHP to code and build the next generation of server stacks. One language i.e JS was all it took to build Node.js and the frameworks running on the client side.

Points where PHP scores more than Node.JS, and thus will survive all odds:

1. Mixing: 

In PHP, you can mix code with an content.

2. Wide Acceptance: 

PHP has a deep code base i.e wide acceptance in the giant IT world. Platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal use PHP expert for building websites and web applications. Even the plug-ins they use are built using PHP. So PHP can’t die till it has its kinda ‘fan following’!

3. Simplicity: 

PHP is simple as compared to its counterpart.

4. SQL: 

PHP was invented to co-exist with MySQL, this was one of the prime driving force for Rasmus Lerdorf (founder of PHP) to invent a new language PHP. Some of the most stable, well-developed code will interface with an SQL database.

5. A speed of coding: 

Many developers are it (Hire) PHP Programmer or node.js developers, have reported that they find it easy and quick to code in PHP, as there are no compilers, no deployment, no JAR files, nothing!

6. Content Management System: 

In general, the CMS are all by the courtesy of PHP. Some of the best known are Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla that power millions of blogs and web portals. PHP enhances the creativity within a developer which results in a better user experience to the user.

Although Node.js and PHP are built around different concepts and architectures, however, they can manage any complex development of an application. Node.js represents a new generation of web development. Unlike PHP, Node.js is not a language, but a run-time environment that uses JavaScript for the server-side application development.

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