Reasons why Youtube switched from PHP to Python.

YouTube started in February 2005. By November 2005 they had $11.5 million in wander subsidizing, and in October 2006 Google reported they were getting YouTube. So the "good 'old days" was close to 20 months. Think about that in that time, PHP (hire php programmer)was genuinely crudely contrasted with today. They went from PHP 5.0.3 at the beginning of YouTube to PHP 5.1.6 when they were gained.

It's anything but difficult to envision Python 2.5 being further developed than PHP 5.1. Indeed, even today, progressions in PHP dependably appear as though they're gradually getting up to speed to Python of quite a long while prior. I'm not abhorring on PHP - that is only the certainties of their web development.

There are a few ".php" URL endpoints at YouTube, yet that expansion is just ordinarily connected with PHP. It doesn't demonstrate the code serving that URL is really. For in reverse similarity reasons, they could have mapped old ".php" URLs to any code, utilizing HTTP server arrangement.

The way that Guido van Rossum, the dad of Python, was a Google representative at the time may have been an explanation for the change to Python, yet maybe not. I've perused a few reports (Is YouTube still written in PHP?) that YouTube used PHP in their initial code, however, changed to Python good much the time when at that point were procured by Google.

I would figure their appropriation of Python was a blend of:

PHP web developer execution was an unpleasant model, picked in light of the fact that the authors knew about it. Definitely, they would need to re-architect the code once they picked up something about how they would need to scale, and that was a chance to switch dialects.

The specialists needed to utilize a few highlights of Python, or needed to utilize a few libraries of existing code written in Python, or devices that work with Python however not PHP.

The designers figured they could be more beneficial and spry written work Python code than PHP. The decision of programming language has a ton to do with how gainful your group is with it.

The development imagined that Python was more versatile than Hire PHP developers (this is far from being obviously true when in doubt, however, may have been valid in their particular case).

Some compelling designer simply needed to attempt Python, for freshness. Some technology decisions are identity driven.

They needed their organization to be procured, and they imagined that on the off chance that they utilized Python, it would influence them to appear to be more alluring for either specialized reasons or design reasons Make the most of your website in 2018.

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