2018 PHP Developer Hiring Guide: Salaries, and More...!

PHP is one of the most commonly used software development languages. It powers over 82% of the web, including that sites we are all familiar with, like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. PHP is also responsible for some key WordPress functions, including the displaying, sharing, and reading of content.

Since the language is used for everything, from CRM software to content management systems, both startups and established business often need to hire experienced PHP programmer.

The State of PHP Today

As one of the soonest programming languages to hit the scene in 1995, PHP has developed in conjunction with the commercialization of the web. It was initially composed as a non-exclusive format dialect and has in this manner pulled in a ton of fledgling engineers who have almost no formal training.

As a very open dialect, fledgling engineers frequently compose messy spaghetti code utilizing PHP when they are learning. Therefore, PHP is some of the time scrutinized as lacking style and solid improvement hones.

PHP Expert gets negative criticism for similar reasons it's so helpful: it's simple for devs to learn and utilize, it has an energetic network, and it brings about easy to use sites.

With PHP 7 currently making the dialect speedier, more appropriate, and simpler to use than at any other time, there can be most likely that PHP is digging in for the long stay.

Results Are in from PHP 7

Big name companies are already reporting impressive results after switching to PHP 7.

PHP is a power to be figured with in light of the fact that "[it] gives better help to the building, changing, and working an effective venture than contending conditions."

Other well-known companies that use PHP include the following:

  • Flickr
  • Yahoo
  • MailChimp
  • Etsy
  • Baidu
  • Wikipedia

Most Popular PHP Frameworks

Laravel (Developers UK) and Symfony are right now the most helpful PHP systems for building expanded many-sided quality, working all the more rapidly, and safely.

Because of profoundly activity communities that are always putting out new modules, apparatuses, modules, and answers to basic inquiries, these two systems are most prominent for prototyping and quick application advancement.

Other frameworks teams may be using include:

  • Phalcon
  • CodeIgniter
  • Yii2
  • CakePHP
  • Zend
  • FuelPHP

PHP Developer Salaries in the UK

To calculate the national and local average salaries for PHP developers.

PHP Developer Communities and Networks

Get engaged with online PHP people group to find out about the regular difficulties PHP engineers are endeavoring to tackle, get news and updates, and come into contact with enthusiastic software engineers who step up with regards to take a shot at their art.

Software engineers who are dynamic in online networks will regularly be available to associate and might have the capacity to allude different designers on the off chance that they themselves can't deal with your undertaking.

The following is a rundown of online discussions where hire PHP developers share learning, extends, ask and answer questions. A portion of these destinations grant indicates and have a capacity channel top clients — this enables you to recognize the most gifted engineers on the site who you might need to connect with.

In addition on the web networks, the segment underneath will likewise propose significant pamphlets, meetings, and meetups you must read this article How do I Hire the Best PHP Programmers in London?

Online PHP Communities

  • Stack Overflow - PHP Tag
  • PHP Developers Network
  • PHP Classes
  • r/PHP
  • Codementor/PHP

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